Hungry for Leftovers


When I do outfit posts I always take a ton of shots to have a good selection to pick from, but then I find myself having a hard time narrowing it down for the post. I always end up with a tone of extra images-images that are decent, some that are funny, and some that need deleted immediately. Using a remote for my camera I sometimes catch a pose or image that wasn't meant to happen. I'll hear a loud noise, a bug will fly by, I'll stumble or trip, or the wind blows which ends up in funny shots. I wanted to share a few of those with you. Hope you enjoy! The links to the original posts can be found under each image.

If you're a blogger I have a question for you- "What do you end up doing with all of your leftover shots?"

Hope you enjoyed and are having a great week! I leave for vacation in a few short days and I am going crazy! So much to do, so much to buy, so much to wash, and so much to pack. But I'm so excited! eek :) Don't worry while I'm gone I have some fun in store for my blog!


  1. Love these! I love natural off guard shots :P the one of you playing is super cute :)


  2. cute. I love fun pictures like these. My messups are usually just unflattering.

  3. I try to delete a lot of my "extra" shots. At first I saved everything, but I've since realized that saving 25+ photos of every outfit is a bit insane! haha


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