Miu Miu

I received the best email the other day and had to share it with you! Miu Miu has opened an online shopping portion to their site! (HERE) I was instantly filled with nervous excitement hoping that I would be able to find my long loved/coveted and blogged about (HERE) green platform sandals there. Sadly, they as well, only offered them in blue and red (I'm starting to think I imagined the green shoes), but the shopping site does offer a lot of other gorgeous shoes! I love Miu Miu's shoes-they have this young vibe but with an edge of proper lady. They are colorful, vibrant, happy shoes and I seriously have a big crush on each pair. Especially the denim peep toes-they are so adorable with the buckle detail and zipper on the back. I am also crushing over the polka dot flats and the glitter heels. Then I took a look through their accessories knowing that their purses were beyond my price range when I found this cute bracelet.
I know this Shoetastic Sunday post is to be about shoes-but I had to share the bracelet. Since I can't find my shoes anywhere this bracelet might be a fun way to have my green...or it could be a sad reminder of never being able to find my shoes. 


Definitely check out Miu Miu shopping site (HERE), and if you want to see more shoes from Miu Miu check out Neiman Marcus' (HERE) or Barney's (HERE) selection.


  1. I want them all! Haha. I LOVE those purple sandals!



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