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As many of you know I'm a huge dog lover and my pup, Star, is so spoiled. Star and her cousin, Maggie, have been on the blog a few times to say hi. Well after many hours spent in the kitchen over the past few months, I thought they deserved a special treat of their own. So I set off to make pup treats-fashionable ones of course! I choose this Low Fat/Weight Loss recipe (find HERE) because it used fresh carrots and applesauce where most of the recipes used peanut butter. I wanted treats that were fresh, healthy, and yummy for them. I then picked up a high heel cookie cutter and small heart cutter to use. After making these treats I realized a few things I need to do different for next time:
     1. Don't roll the dough so thin-make them thicker.
     2. Don't leave the treats in the oven after it is off like suggested- they get too rock hard and the pups can't chew them.
     3. As cute as the heels look- a small cutter (like the heart) is perfect size for one bite.
You can find this recipe HERE
Don't hold this against me but I had to try the treats out. Yes I know, I ate a dog treat! But these treats are made of everything we eat-nothing gross. The treats actually didn't taste too bad. A little bland and dry but for a dog they are perfect. 
Maggie and Star went nuts for them! I was trying to snap a picture of the treat being fed to the dogs (hard to do with one hand on camera and one on the treat) and Star lunged at me and the treat! It was too funny and I some how managed to snap it-that's the bottom picture.

Do you have dogs? Why not do something extra special for them and bake some treats. I highly recommend this recipe for them if you do. 

I'm headed to Washington DC for the weekend. So excited to do some shopping. I honestly can not tell you the last time I was at Nemians or Forever21! Hope everyone has a great weekend! Love to you all!

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