The last day was truly the most gorgeous. The weather was perfect, the blue skies were clear, and the water was the perfect temperature. What better way to end an amazing vacation than lounging on the beach and pool side all day! Great conversations with new friends, quiet walks on a crowded beach but yet feeling like I was peacefully alone, broken bikini tops only to be saved by my best friend, burnt noses and shoulders, full bellys from delicious meals...I would not change or trade anything about this amazing trip. I honestly would leave right now and go back if I could, but I doubt my work would let me work from the Dominican. Doesn't hurt to dream though.
 View of Majestic Elegance from the plane (right center)

Goodbye beautiful Dominican Republic. Thank you for not only touching my soul but forever changing me. Thank you for making me realize that I need to be grateful for what I have and be more accepting of others. Thank you for your contagious smiles and laughter. And mostly, thank you for making me feel like I was home. I can not wait to come back and visit!

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  1. absolutely BEAUTIFUL photos!! I really want to go there now. I am so glad you had a fun trip!!



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