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I asked each blogger to pick a flower that spoke to them in some way and create an outfit inspired by it. The flower they choose does not have to grow during the month of May, just any flower that they love and inspired them. I will be back to regular blogging on Monday, May 16.

Today I would like to introduce Chantele from Daisy Dayz Blog...
"Hello All it's Chantele here of Daisy Dayz Blog, and I am very pleased to be guest posting for you all today! When Tiffany asked me to do a post on a flower that inspired me it was obvious what flower I would chose: The Daisy! As my blog name would suggest I love Daisies! Their just so simple and un-showy. Just white and yellow, nothing flashy, but always bright and sunshiny! And they will bloom anywhere, their not fussy, they just pop up and totally cover an area making it all pretty. They remind me of warm summer days in school, with time spent lounging on the field making daisy chain garlands for our heads.
So as I am on a shopping ban for a year I had some fun virtual shopping to put together these 3 Daisy inspired outfits.

Daisy Inspired outfit 1

Daisy Inspired Outfit 3

Daisy Inspired Outfit 2

See these outfits and their details on Chantele's Polyvore page HERE.


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