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(snack left in our room on last day)

This week in place of my normal Food Friday post I wanted to share with you all the yummy food I had while on vacation. When your trip says "All Inclusive" it really mean it includes everything imaginable! We never went hungry while in the Dominican...well maybe the first few days when we couldn't find the buffet! We had room service deliver us breakfast a few of the days and had lunch either at the buffet or snacked on the munchies in our lounge. Each night we tried a different restaurant at the resort. The first night was the seafood restaurant where I had fresh crab cakes for an appetizer then moved on to Mahi Mahi wrapped in banana's and grilled. (sorry I forgot my camera) It was delicious!
The second night was Italian where I started with one of the best bruschetta's I've ever had then moved onto spaghetti with a garlic red sauce and fresh rock lobster through out. I ended the evening with dessert of course- a delicious slice of Tiramisu.
Our third evening we went back to our roots and dinned at the American Steak house. First course was one of the best salads ever, wish I could have bottled up the dressing to bring home. My entree was filet mignon grilled with peppers. Dessert was also amazing (I'm a dessert person though)! It was this fresh banana cake that almost had a texture of custard.
TN 6
Our last evening we got all dressed up and did the Japanese restaurant. We started with fresh sushi rolls and then was entertained by  our great chef who made us a delicious meal of shrimp, chicken, steak, and fried rice. Sadly there was no dessert :( So Tricia and I went back to the Italian restaurant for cheesecake.
Just a little picture of one of drinks of choice while on vacation. If you go to an "All Inclusive" resort for vacation be prepared to throw your diet out the window and forget about how hot your going to look in a bathing suit. Everyone walked around with full belly's but big smiles! Man seeing all this food again is making me starved. Off to get a snack!

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