I asked each blogger to pick a flower that spoke to them in some way and create an outfit inspired by it. The flower they choose does not have to grow during the month of May, just any flower that they love and inspired them. I will be back to regular blogging on Monday, May 16.

Today I would like to introduce Amy from RoAmyLive...
Hi Everyone -- Amy from RoAmyLive here. I just want to thank Tiffany for giving me the opportunity to show my face all over her lovely blog!
Growing up, I had a thing for sunflowers. To put it eloquently, my room looked like a sunflower patch threw up all over it! I don't know what it is, but, to me, it is the happiest flower. I dare you to look at a sunflower and not smile. Try it!
Yellow continues to be one of my favorite colors. It can instantly brighten up your look and you'll never look gloomy in a yellow-based outfit. I took these photos on a super rainy NYC day, so I thought I would pull out my hot pink umbrella for the ultimate April showers bring May flowers photo. I can't wait until the rain stops and the flowers finally start blooming. It's always nice to see a rebel flower peaking through the city earth here in New York. I'm hoping to come upon a rogue sunflower any day now.
Top: Forever 21/Heritage 1981 (dress worn as top), Skirt: Mossimo / Target, Belt: H+M, Shoes: Old Navy, Necklaces: Old Navy, Umbrella: TJ Maxx


  1. Thanks for the guest blog opportunity Tiffany! :)

  2. Lovely guest post! And yes I agree, there is something SO lovely & magical about a little pop of yellow. xx veronika


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