Tiffany Leopard

When I first saw these shoes on I quietly left out a whimper and gasp. A designer, Anastasia Bice, made a pair of shoes that combines a few of my many obsessions together-high heel, leopard print, and Tiffany blue! The lining and bow on this show are almost a perfect match to the trademark blue. Anastasia you are getting a round of applause from me right now. The price tag is not too bad either- $513.40. Yes it's more than my car payment but it's better than the $900+ price tag of some shoe labels. You can find these gorgeous shoes HERE. (click here)

Celine from The Shoe Girl has my dream shoe closet and she just added these to it. (See here tumblr pic HERE) My feet are pretending their hers when she has these on! haha. Oh to dream...easier on my wallet I guess. 

What are your feelings about these shoes?


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