Beer Saves

Hi. Remember me? I know, I'm sorry I've been absent most of this week. I've been working on prep for a conference for the past couple of weeks and Wednesday all my prep was done and the conference started. So needless to say I've been working long hours and have been constantly busy. By the time I get home at night I crash and stay far away from the computer.

I'm sorry.

I did manage to find sometime tonight to put together a small post on my past weekend when I worked the local beer fest in Harrisburg,PA. I just wanted to share with you some things that caught my eye. There were over 3,000 people there and over $100,000 raised for Cystic Fibrosis! It was an amazing time filled with great beer and music all for a great cause.
If you follow me on Twitter (HERE) you might have seen some of these pictures already. I promise to all that after this week I will be back in full force. I hope everyone had a wonderful week and best wishes for a great weekend!

Photos 2 and 3 are from my cousin...Thanks Ben!

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