Brownie Macaroons

Yay it's Friday!! You know what Friday's mean- food recipes to help your weekend be a little sweater! Ready for this weeks?

This week I bring you Brownie Macaroons (recipe HERE) that I found on Yes, I know I'm using Duncan Hines when I should have used Pillsbury, but I'm sorry, this was in my cabinet already. This recipe is so simple and only calls for 5 ingredients. Just mix everything together in a bowl, roll into balls, and bake...then try to keep yourself from eating them when you pull them out of the oven! 
It's hard. 
I tried to resist but couldn't and ate one with it's warm soft center. 
It's was heaven!

I'm not saying eat these as soon as they come out of the oven, but if you so happen to do so, it's not a bad thing.
I thought these cookies looked a little naked so I had some chocolate decorator cookie icing from Betty Crocker in my cabinet that I drizzled across the top. This added an extra touch of chocolate to the cookie that made them 10x better than they already were. Who doesn't love more chocolate!!

You can find the recipe HERE.

This weekend should be a busy one. I'll be traveling down to my brothers for most of the weekend. I'm volunteering again at the Harrisburg Brewer Fest with him and my cousin for most of Saturday. Should be super busy and fun seeing how the fest sold out with in a couple days/weeks! Then Sunday I'm getting up super early and driving home to relax a little before my dad get's home and we celebrate Father's Day with him. How are you spending your weekend? However you spend your weekend I hope it is filled with great moments and lots of love!

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