"You’re not the breath I breathe, just the sweet scent that I enjoy."
I love cool spring nights when I'm sitting in the family room relaxing and a cool breeze comes into the room carrying the sweet smell of honeysuckle. To me, this scent, this little moment, makes my happy. It makes my soul smile and makes me realize that I am where I am meant to be and that everything in life is good. The smell of honeysuckle makes me realize that spring is in full bloom and summer will soon be approaching. 

I've been driving home at night and the smell will come into my car and someday's I want to pull off the side of the road and just breathe it all in. Luckily for me along the side of my yard against the fence is a huge honeysuckle bush. (In the one photo this is what I'm smelling) My old neighbor loved it and never touched it...my new neighbor I'm not sure about, since she ripped out most of the other bushes on her side. I've threated to harm her if she touches it...okay not really, but I've thought it! The kids love to pull the branches off of the bush and then take the little flowers and slowly pull the stem off of them. When you do this a tiny little drop of nectar comes out with it which they drink. I've tried this and it really is so sweet and delicious. I wish I could bottle it up, but I'd end up killing the whole bush trying to get one cup. 

On to the outfit- I snagged this dress off of shopbop.com a few weeks ago and love it. Not only is it comfortable with pockets but the detail on the shoulders is so fun and unexpected. The purse, is from Melie Bianco  and is my new love. I've been wanting a smaller bag for weekends when I don't need to carry that much, but this bag is so gorgeous that I am dying for it's big sister-the Angela (HERE) in orange! Sadly, my wallet begs to differ. Guess it will go on my covet-wish list.

Hope everyone had a gorgeous weekend and start to the work week. Question though, do you still enjoy my blog? I never hear back from any of my readers...comment me or email me. I would love to hear from you! Love to all!


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