Matter of Mind

"Age is an issue of mind over matter.
If you don't mind, it doesn't matter."
~Mark Twain
Marc by Marc Jacobs knit skirt (on sale HERE); Loeffler Randall Ella sandals;
Forever 21 bodysuit; Charlotte Russe lace vest; Vintage necklace; Kohls rings
Loft bracelet; Nail polishes-OPI- It's All Greek to Me and Teenage Dream
Can I just say I love this skirt-it looks like denim but is actually a soft cotton.
Have I mentioned to you yet that I turn 30 this year? Less than 6 weeks away to be exact. May I just say I have some very mixed emotions about this. Being the number 30 doesn't bother me because I think age is just a number, and how old you are is how you feel and act. However, growing older literally scares the crap out of me! Lately I've noticed my body changing in ways that I'm not loving. When I was in my early 20s I would complain when I would gain 1-2 pounds and my mother would always say "Just wait till you get older." I never really thought about what would happen when I got older, but truth be told, gravity works! I have bumps and lumps in places I didn't 5 years ago! I also have been looking at how I dress and started to wonder if I dress to young for my age. What do you think?

To have a conceded moment- I think I look pretty damn good for being almost 30. With every wrinkle, lump, bump, and pound comes wisdom and knowledge and I wouldn't trade that for a stick skinny body in the world.

Stepping off my soap box again :)
Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!



  1. You don't look like you'd be anywhere near 30! It must be the energy :)

  2. Hey Tiffany, I agree with Dexter, you look amazing!
    I am 31 and it makes me sad I discovered "fashion" too late! But hey 30s are the new 20s right?


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