Doing it For Yourself

"It's not who you are that holds you back,
it's who you think you're not."
  ~Author Unknown
Jean dress-Ross ($10!); Kohl's ring and black cardigan; BCBG Max Azria belt (from a dress);  
Coach purse; Amrita Singh bracelet; Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent Adler sandals;
If you follow me via Twitter (HERE) then you know I've been mentioning often about not having many followers. (I went through this a few months ago as well.) It's frustrating when you see a blog that's relatively new and has over 200 followers. Makes me start to wonder what is wrong with myself that others don't like and what is wrong with my blog that I don't have that many followers. Makes me start to question my purpose for my blog. But thank you to some of my super awesome and sweet followers they helped remind me that it's not about the numbers at all. What's important is that I blog for myself and not to just reach top numbers in followers. This is so true-I do need to blog for myself and blog about what I love. If someone loves what I have to say than they will follow and love me. It might be 2 followers or 2000 followers-I don't think numbers are that important if you're doing it for yourself.

Much love to those on Twitter that support and love me! You guys rock!
Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!


  1. Think about it this are doing something you love! I've struggled too, but when I think about it for being my outlet and source of entertainment everything else about it seems less important.

  2. First of all, I love your outfit. The dress is exactly my kind of thing, just not in the fabric of my choice. But because I love it so much, I am beginning to change my mind about denim...
    Secondly, I often feel the same way about having followers, or my lack of followers. I'm trying to get at peace with it, but am not even close to it as you are...

  3. As you may have noticed, I haven't been active lately, it has been a while since my last visit here, sorry for that. But now that I visited again and looked at your posts & outfits, I have to say I like this one the most - by far! You look super pretty!
    Regarding the question of followers, I'm glad you thought about it and decided to continue. I'll always suggest you to continue :)


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