Feeling Lacey

"There are no mistakes in lace,
just misdirected threads that present a new challenge."~quoted by Barbara Bulgarelli on arachne
LOFT jean capris; Ella Moss Florance top (on sale HERE); Loeffler Randall Ella sandals; 
Modcloth Twisting Tree Necklace; Amrita Singh bracelet; Chanel purse
When I was browsing the shopbop.com sale a few weeks ago I stumbled up on this top from Ella Moss and was intrigued by the pattern and how it draped. I ordered strictly with thought that if I had any doubt in my mind about this shirt when I tried it on that it would immediately go back. As you can tell, it did not go back. I love this shirt! The lace is so incredibly soft and the tank underneath is the perfect length, tightness, and weight. I think I'll be wearing this shirt a lot during fall. I also love how it has a tie on both sides of your waist so you can make it have more of a cinched in, drape effect.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!


I  might have already used this quote in the past but I love it so it's getting used again :)


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