"Fear stimulates my imagination"~Don Draper from Mad Men
Vintage dress, slip, and belt; Stuart Weitzman Alex sandals; Melie Bianco Madison bag (HERE)
Amrita Singh bracelet; LOFT bracelets; Jess LC "Franklin-Be Thankful" and "Dream Bigger" necklaces
Coach script ring; nOir Stack Pyramid rings (snagged from Gilt); vintage ring
The fear and excitement of the unknown stimulates my imagination beyond belief. The other night while at the park my sister and I got to talking about life and it really scared me because I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up. Yes, I know I'm already grown up and turning 30, but inside I still feel like a little child at times. This led me to the question-does everyone really know what they want to be when they grow up? Does everyone know exactly where they are going to be 5 years from now? No one can predict the future which is exciting but yet so scary.

Wearing a new dress out of my normal realm? Scary and exciting. You might remember seeing a little bit of this dress HERE that I snagged last year during my Mad Men obsession. If you follow me on Tumblr (HERE) you know I've been re-inspired by Mad Men and vintage photos, this led me to pull this dress out the other day. I love the brightness of the color pattern, and the shape is so versatile. With a crinoline slip underneath this dress would completely have that Mad Men vibe. I played it down a lil with a crocheted slip only because I don't own a crinoline slip.

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  1. I always feel like that as well, it seemed that my brother always knew what he wanted to be. Yet, a few weekends ago he said that he couldn't imagine doing what he does for the rest of his life. I think our desires and dreams change as we change :)

  2. I LOVE this dress! Very Mad Men! :)

  3. such a cute outfit! love your wedges and bag!


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