"You do not have to be a hurricane,
to turn things around"
The beach came and went quicker than any of us could imagine, but the memories we got to make while spending time on the sands of the Outer Banks are something none of us will forget. Sadly my family's yearly beach vacation got ended short thanks to Hurricane Irene. Seeing how our house was right in the path of Irene we sadly had to pack up and evacuate Thursday morning when we weren't due to leave till Saturday. Seeing pictures online of the Outer Banks (Cape Hatteras) saddens me because the road that is torn up in most of the photos is the road that runs in front of our beach house. I shouldn't ponder on the negative side though. We did have a great time filled with laughter and smiles. Here are just a few photos from the trip.
My favorite time to spend on the beach is right before the sun sets. All the sunbathers, surfers, and noise are gone and the beach is filled with this calm quiet serene filling that I truly can not describe in words.

Hope everyone is well. I haven't forgotten about the giveaway! Winner will be announced this week! PROMISE :)
Love to you all!



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