Pickled Beets

With Summer coming to an end that means only one good thing- our garden is full of fresh produce perfect for eating!

Between my parents garden and my sister's garden we end up with so much fresh vegetables that we can't eat them all before they go bad. So to save our veggies we tend to can/jar a lot of the items. From fresh made spaghetti sauce, stewed tomatoes, to pickled peppers or pickles our shelves end up nice and full by the end of summer. We tend to eat our veggies all year round due to canning/jarring the items.

My favorite? Pickled Beets! I love them- they have this sweet yet tangy side to them. My sister was kind enough to share her pickling method with all of us. So to not overwhelm my blog I put the recipe up HERE where it would be easier for you to print.
Watching my sister make these the other night made me realize how simple it really is. She said you could pickle almost anything with this method. Again, the recipe can be found HERE for you to print.

I'm excited for this evening. I'm taking my momma to see the movie "The Help" and then out to dinner for her birthday. My mom and I haven't had much bonding time lately so I wanted to do something for her birthday that we could do together. I'm seriously can't wait-everyone needs some time with their mommy!

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

PS-Thank's Tara for sharing your recipe :)


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