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This week's Shoetastic Sunday post is a little different. This week we're going to take a step back in time. Lately I have been so inspired by vintage fashion that all I want to do is dig, search and look at how woman dressed back in the 1920's-1960's. I have been tumblr-ing my heart out with all the images I've found over the past few weeks. (See them all HERE -

Fashion constantly evolves but over the past few years I've noticed that it seems as if we are taking a step back in time. Loafers, boxy purses, cinched in waists and full skirts, longer hemlines, etc. Is it me or are today's fashions starting to resemble fashions from the past 50 years? Thank God we haven't started to repeat the 80's/early 90's yet! Of course there are many drastic changes that make the vintage fashion inspirations updated for today time. Fabric is richer, the shoes are higher, and the prices steeper. 

One thing is for certain-I love that we are stepping back in time to bring past key fashion pieces into today's modern era.
1940s LIFE shoe
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