Prada Fall 2011

My love for Prada runs deep. Every season I sit on pins and needles awaiting for their show to start. My forever dream is to some day be sitting in the audience watching the show live. Anticipation for the start of the Prada show I always have a mixture of excitement and hope. However, after this past Fall 2011 show I was left confused, intrigued, and disgusted. All of the shoes were boots! Yes they look like heels with tights under but in actuality they are all knee high boots. A few of the boots I could sort of see myself wearing like the ones with black or colored 'tights' but the nude ones! Ugh! They give a woman the look of elephant ankles and slouchy skin. I will at least give it to Miuccia for intriguing me by these looks. I just wish you could buy the heel with out the boot look. I love the shape of the heel and the above teal pair (and last row green pair) would look stunning with out the snake skin shaft.

What are your thoughts on these shoes??

I am in no way paid by any of these shoe companies to feature them on my blog. I am simply just voicing my opinion and sharing with you, my reader, something I love and find interesting.


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