Alvin Smoking Loafers

I am kicking myself for not buying these super chic and fun leopard print Sam Edelman smoking loafers when I saw them because they are now completely sold out and impossible to find! I had a pair of leopard print flats that I snagged on clearance for $9 a few years back and I literally wore them into the ground. When I saw these a few weeks ago they instantly reminded me of my old beloved flats. Seriously how chic and fun are these Sam Edelman Alvin loafers? These flats also come in a few other cool colors like this Parisian Blue.

alvin blue
What do you think? Are you a fan of the Sam Edelman loafers?? The blue ones are on sale right now HERE! Snag them quickly if you like them. 

Okay now for a favor-If you ever see the leopard ones in a size 8 PLEASE let me know-tweet me, email me, facebook me, just please let me know! I will forever be indebted to you! Or better yet-snag them for me and I'll reimburse you plus pay for shipping. I seriously want these like you can't believe. Okay, have I pleaded enough?

Hope you're having a great weekend!

I am in no way paid by any of these shoe companies to feature them on my blog. I am simply just voicing my opinion and sharing with you, my reader, something I love and find interesting.


  1. I am having the same crisis! Plus my husband thinks they are hideous and refuses to front the $$$ to buy them for me. Dolce Vita has a similar pair, but the leopard print is different. I'm a size 10 - let me know if you find some!! :)

    1. I found these on Nordstrom,com. Take a look


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