Love To Win

Seriously I wish I could give each of you that entered a box of chocolate but sadly I can't. What I can do is thank each of you that entered and tweeted about my giveaway. You guys are seriously the best! I do these little giveaway because I want you to know how much I truly appreciate each and everyone of you! Also thank you to FM Artisan for contacting me to host this giveaway.  After a drawing....

The winner is ME! No? Okay, thought I'd try but I' honestly would feel wrong...but these chocolates are seriously that good. Let's try this again, shall we? After a drawing....
The winner is Karen from FashionBoard Confessional! Congratulations Karen! I'll be emailing you very shortly. Again, thank you to all who entered and thanks to FM Artisan by Norman Love!


  1. Yummy! So excited about this! Thanks!
    Maybe I'll share... maybe :)


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