DIY: Dress Up Your Shoes

The other day I saw Grace from Stripes and Sequin's post on the Glitter Guide where she DIY'd her own Tory Burch Eddie Bow Flats. (HERE) When I saw this I knew instantly I had to try it out. I don't know why but a few years ago I purchased an antique set of shoe clips with broken clips and when I saw this DIY I thought it would be the perfect way to fix them up. I wanted to do a test run before I did this to my antique clips and thought I would share my DIY with you.
What you need:
-2 large appliques or pendents from the craft store. Michaels has a great jewelry section with large pendents which is where I purchased these. I snipped the hook part of with wire cutters and sanded down the rough spots.
-2 shoe Clips (I used the site Grace listed where she found her clips in this eBay shop.)
-Strong Glue (I used Grace's recommendation- E6000)
-Your own ballet flats
This DIY is very easy and quick to accomplish. It's essentially one step but I added a step to make sure the clips really adhere. I started by taking some sand paper and roughing up the back of the pendant to make sure the glue fully adheres to it.Then I opened up the shoe clips, applied a dot of glue to the back, and pressed firmly on to the pendent for 10 seconds. After that I set them up on a bookshelf to dry for a day.
After gluing place somewhere out of the way and let dry for a full 24-48 hours before attempting to close the clips.
The fun thing about shoe clips is that you can wear them on any flats or heels and they instantly change the look of your shoe. I also love that you can glue just about anything to the clips. I have a few more pairs of clips and my mind is running wild with ideas of things to glue to them.

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