Floral Leaves

"Mere color, unspoiled by meaning,
and unallied with definite form, 
can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways."~Oscar Wilde
Blank Denim jean leggings; H&M pink tank, Zara floral print top (HERE); Dolce Vita Wagner boots; Juicy Couture Sparrow branch necklace; Bauble Bar Wishbone necklace (HERE) and inverted bangle (HERE);  
La Mer Collections wrap watch from LuckyFABB (similar); bag c/o The Leather Satchel Co.;
With the international news events that have been happening in my area my mind has been overwhelmed with thoughts and emotions lately. Yes. I'm talking about the scandal at Penn State. I'm not going to touch this subject but I will say that we are each entitled to our own opinions and feelings. With that said, I've been emotionally drained lately so I've been trying to cheer myself up by wearing bright colors and floral prints. I absolutely love this top I got while in NYC a few months ago and taking some time to play outside on a rare warm November day did the trick to cheer me up and get my mind else where. 

While carrying my white Leather Satchel Company bag the other day I wondered what color people's bags are that they carry in the fall/winter. Do you tend to go dark or do you carry bright summery colors? I don't follow the no white past Labor day but many people still do. What do you think about this old rule?


  1. Love this outfit!

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  3. Nice outfit again, I'm glad you could be cheered up that easily :)

  4. ahh! i love your satchel. i've never thought of getting a white one - I asked for the neon green or pink one for christmas (from santa ;})

    super cute!

  5. which size of the satchel is this? it's very pretty!

  6. This the Leather Company Satchel is size 12.5inches :) Thanks for the nice compliments everyone! :)

  7. thanks! yey! i'm actually getting a snow white 12.5" this week, too! :) still ruminating on whether to get a dayglow pink and/or an oxford blue as well. :)


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