I Mesh You

I saw these Fendi Particulier Mesh-Covered heels a few weeks ago on Eva Longoria and instantly fell in love. They are so simple but yet so hot and sexy! How in the world did I miss these when they came out last year? I've searched high and low, checked every site I can think of and I can't find these anywhere. I know it's a lost cause but these Fendi shoes are so pretty and so me!! I did find them on an old SAKS page and I can NOT believe I missed them when they were on clearance HERE-look at that price they went for! Oh I'm crying now!
What do you think of these shoes? Have you ever seen a pair a few years later and wished you could still buy them?

If you have shoe powers and know where I could still find these at I will FOREVER be indebted to you!


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