Pain au Chocolat

I saw these on Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere's blog a month ago and instantly my mouth watered and I knew I had to make them.  Breakfast, lunch, dessert- these little pillows filled with sweet goodness that literally lingers on your tongue and teases you to have another one are perfect anytime of the day. Are you hungry now? These Pain au Chocolat (recipe HERE) were very simple to make and disappeared so quickly. I'm telling your friends and family will love you if you make these for them. I was already told I have to make these again for Christmas morning!
TIFS TIPS: I used Lindt chocolate which tasted very good- the only problem was cutting the bars up. I drew a template of the dimensions the recipe called for and then cut each bar up. The bars must have been wider and thinner than the recipe because I had a bowl of chocolate left over. Also-the puff pastry sheet...yeah I couldn't get 12 perfectly shaped squares so I opted for rectangles which worked just as well. Using a pizza cutter makes cutting the sheet a lot easier than using a knife.

These little breakfast bites are heaven on their own, however, I made a simple vanilla glaze to go along with it in case anyone wanted a little extra sweetness. (recipe HERE)

Are you hungry now?

Don't worry I'll be back next week with more pumpkin recipes. I've been busy making cake balls for my nephew's birthday this week so my Food Friday dish got pushed.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  1. yummyyyy! and yes, I'm very hungry now. aaaaa! gotta try this recipe today. I'm a huge choco-addict =)


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