Pumpkin Mudslide

Do you ever have those days that are long and stressful and by the time you get home you not only need a drink but you're also starved? Yeah, well me too! This Pumpkin Mudslide will fix you right up :) I know it's an alcoholic drink but damn this drink is filling! Don't get me wrong it's also incredibly delicious! I even caught my mom, who does not drink at all, taking more sips than her customary taste test sip! It's like dessert in a glass! Who could ask for anything better right? I saw this recipe on the cupcake projects site HERE and could not wait to try it. I'm going to warn you though....stock up on supplies because everyone will want a glass!
I followed the Pumpkin Mudslide to the T but didn't like how liquidy it was so I added an extra scoop of ice cream to thicken it up. I'm not sure if I would do that again because it was thick and filling but it did give it a nice creamy texture. Thank you CupcakeProject.com for the inspiration and recipe (find HERE).

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Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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