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So a few weeks ago a friend who owns a clothing store in a small town near by asked if I would be interested in walking a fashion show. I hesitated and thought about it for a bit but then agreed to do it. I thought it would be fun! It was actually for a great cause and proceeds went to the local fire company and local theater company. Set decor, hair, makeup and clothing were all from the local merchants in the town and was a great way for people to see what the town had to offer.
I woke up and headed straight to the salon for hair and makeup, then afterward I headed to the site of the show. It nice to have someone do my hair and makeup for me! I seriously could get used to it. The show was going to take place at a local barn which is used as a theater. Seating on all four sides with a square stage in the middle. Let me just say this-barns in the winter/fall after it snows...yeah it gets pretty damn cold!
I had three outfits to wear during the show and was a lil nervous as first! Probably had something to do with the 5+ inch heels I was wearing and the fact that my sister and niece were there to watch me. They cheered me on  when the first saw me which instantly made me feel more confident and calm.
It was funny-when I first walked out in these shoes I heard some older women whispering "how does she walk in those!" They're actually quite comfortable :)
It seriously was such an awesome day that I'll never forget. My first and last day as a model! I had so much fun meeting new people and trying my hand at being a model. The clothes were all so gorgeous and I wish I could have taken them all home with me. The audience was so energetic and the fellow models were too funny at times! Thank you to Chase for asking me to be apart of such an amazing show and thank you to my sister and niece for coming to support me and take photos. Also thank you to Jas, Kimberly, and Terry for pushing and motivating me to do this. You guys are the best tweinds ever!

All clothes were from local store-n'V (both pairs of jeans are Joe's Jeans) and the shoes were mine-Steve Madden (gift) and Prada.

Thank you Tara and Zoie for taking photos!


  1. Looking at the pictures, I was wondering what was so different about you - I realized it's the hair! I love the look!


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