Can't get you off of my mind

"I can't get you off my mind no matter
how hard I try everything leads back to you."
Joe's Jeans-Honey Boot cut (similar HERE); Cubism shirt (from local store n'V); Coach clutch;
Tahari blazer (snagged at Marshall's); Stella McCartney booties (found on eBay for $70!); Chanel necklace
Have you ever tried something on, liked it, but left the store without purchasing i, only to continuously think about it day after day? This happened to me after the local fashion show I was in a few months ago (pics HERE). I fell in love with the Joe’s Jeans Honey fit I wore in the show but didn’t take them home with me. Every day after the show when I was getting dressed I would have something in mind only to realize I didn’t own these jeans. After a few days of being heartbroken and naked I realized I needed these jeans and went to snatch them up. Best investment ever! I love these Joe’s Jeans. Not only are they so comfortable and soft, but they are tight but not too tight. These jeans are heaven and if I could wear them every day…and get away with it… I would! So tell me, after leaving the store without purchasing the item  you love did you eventually return to buy it?

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  1. I do this all the time! Sometimes I get lucky & go back and it's still there in my size and other times, it's gone and I regret not buying it the first time I saw it. Can't believe you got those booties on eBay for so cheap, btw...good find!

  2. great look! love that top and how it balances with your joes; those are a great fit on you!

  3. amazing look!!!
    love your print blouse!
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