Few of my Favorites

After seeing loveMaegan’s post (here) about some of her favorite things it made me think about what my favorite things are that I literally can not go a day without. Of course there is my dog that I could never spend a day without, seriously if I could take her everywhere with me I probably would. Also without my car, laptop, and cellphone I would be lost. But this is my list of the little things that I love and/or use every single day without any thought and  am seriously lost when I don’t have them.

1. Goody Ouchless ponytail ties (buy HERE) I love have long hair but usually by the end of the day it drives me nuts and gets pulled up in a messy bun. I always have a handful of these in my bags and when I’m without one I’ve been known to use pencils, paperclips, and string.

2. SmartWater I’m a fish and seriously drink about 12 cups of water a day. It’s great for your body and complexion!

3. Diamond (or CZ) studs. You’ll notice in ALL of my outfit posts I’m always wearing the same pair of studs. I feel like they’re simple but yet add that touch of class.

4. Hershey's Reese’s Pieces These are my absolute weakness! I have to buy the tiny bags to try and control myself but it usually doesn’t help because then I’ll eat 2-3 bags!

5. Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey (buy HERE) When I saw this at the makeup counter and the lady told me to try it I looked at her like she was nuts. It’s so dark! But I was brave and tried it, and then she proceeded to laugh because I was hooked. It is seriously the PERFECT color for anyone! No lie! I call it my magic lipstick because it always looks good-never too dark and always just a hint of color.

6. Burberry Brit rollerball (buy HERE). I always have this in my purse for those days when I run out somewhere after work and want a little scent pick up. Rollerballs are perfect for on the go!

7. Carmex lipgloss (buy HERE). My pharmacist got me hooked on this when my lips were split thanks to the horrible winter weather and she said this would fix me up. Now I wear it every day- it protects against the harsh weather and adds a nice glossy look but doesn’t have that sticky feeling and it also smells great!

8. Pilot Precise V5 pens (buy HERE). When I started my new job my boss always used these pens in black or blue so I got a variety pack of colors to try and was hooked. I love how they write and I love the colors. I now have my boss attached to the pink pen-he tried to steal mine the one day so I keep a spare pack of the colors in my desk drawer for when he needs one.

9. Music.  I go crazy without music. It helps get me out of my head, relaxes me, and motivates me. I have Pandora on the whole day while I’m in the office and then Sirius XM for the ride home.

10. Halls Refresh in Juicy Strawberry (buy HERE). I’ll start by saying, Yes, I know Halls are not candy. However, from my days of living in Brazil where Halls were considered candy I’m hooked. I always have a bag of halls in my purse and I’ve tried numerous flavors but these juicy strawberry ones are the best! Sadly, they are a little hard to find in my area.

What are some of the little things you can’t go a day without?



  1. I have never thought about what I cannot go without. The number one on your list would be the same on my list though, I have really long hair and I always have hair ties around.


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  2. So cute!! It's really the little things we rarely notice that make us so happy :) Happy Friday!


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