Food Friday: Taco Dip

I know I usually post Christmas cookie recipes during the month of December, but I realized the other day that I have never shared this recipe with you. With all of the holiday parties, dinners, and receptions one is invited to it's nice to have a quick dish you can whip up at the drop of a hat to take with you. My old boss (Hi Nancy!) used to make this dip for our office parties and everyone loved it. We used to call it "that damn taco dip" because it was so good and addicting that we couldn't stop eating it. I've changed it around from her recipe to something it a little quicker and easier to make.  I actually make  this dip about once a month, for home, or when company visits, or when I have a pot luck or party to go to. I swear, every time I make this at least one person asks for the recipe. I'm not lying- you will not be the only one addicted to this Taco Dip. (recipe HERE) I do have to note that I forgot to pick up shredded cheese at the store but I always put it in the dip. 
Seriously how easy is this recipe? (recipe HERE) Four ingredients, mix, chill for a bit, and serve! Don't forget to pick up some nacho chips at the store as well.  There are a few variations you can do with this dip-
     1. You can buy a spicier taco mix to add a little more kick to your dip.
     2. Cheddar or Mexican Mix cheese-add a little or a lot!
     3. This recipe is normally a layered recipe where you spread the dip out on a tray, spread lettuce on top of the dip, then chopped tomatoes, and then finally sprinkle with shredded cheese. 

You can find this Taco Dip recipe HERE. If you've never made any of my recipes before, that's okay, but I'm telling you to make this one for the holidays. I'm not may thank me later :)

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