Ice Skates and Scarves

"If dancing is how the angels walk, 
then skating is how the angels dance." ~Alan Kreigsman
Joe's Jeans-Honey Boot cut (Simliar); American Eagle sweater; Gap purple tshirt;
vintage scarf (bought years ago); Sam Edelman Loni Suede High Heel Booties (HERE);
Happy Hump Day! Sorry I haven’t been posting as often lately. It seems that every time I start to feel a little better another cold/flu comes and knocks me back down again. Since I’m continuously sick I need to start pushing on with it to try and get some order back to my life, but dang do I get exhausted lately. 

I felt a little better last Sunday so I went with my sister and her family to the local ice skating rink. I dressed in layers since I knew the rink would be chilly and loved the pairing of the simple chunky sweater over a purple t-shirt, and then popped the color with a scarf.  I have not been on a pair of skates in over 10 years, and I was surprised at how quickly I picked it back up. By the end of our time there I was skating with both feet and not holding onto anyone! Being back on skates reminded me of my child hood when I was determined to be an Olympic ice-skater like Oksana Baiul or Nancy Kerrigan. However, flooding my backyard to create a skating rink wasn’t the smartest way to get started. 

Have you recently done something that reminded you of your child hood? 


  1. Haha - oh, I haven't been skating in forever either! I'm better on roller skates, though - LOL! :)

  2. Looks like fun!!!


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