Change of Season

Every change of season I pack away one season and unpack the other which leads me to cleaning out my closet and getting rid of the things that I just never wear or use. I usually take the bags full of clothing to Goodwill or sell them at a local resale shop. But sometimes I have items that are either brand new/designer that I know others online would love to have a chance at owning. So I decided to reopen a new store (via Goodsie) to sell some things. Check it out HERE. I have a ton of more items to add to the store this weekend (couldn’t remember the sizes) so keep checking back!

*If I wore an item before I have included the blog post where you can see more photos of it. 

*For some reason Goodsie cuts the picture off when you first look at an item’s page. If you click the expand button it will load the full picture.


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