Cherish the Moment and Bowl

"Laugh your heart out, dance in the rain,
cherish the moment, ignore the pain,
live, laugh, love, forgive and forget,
life's too short to be living with regrets."
Joe's Jeans-Honey Boot cut (Simliar); Elle-Kohls sweater; Old Navy Scarf;
Tiffany's necklaces; Sam Edelman Loni Suede High Heel Booties (HERE);
La Mer Collections Odyssey wrap watch in Dark Mint (HERE)
Dark skies and cold temps put me into a hibernation mindset where I want to do is wear comfortable, dark clothing and hide away inside with a good book. After the past few weeks my family and I have had I knew I needed to get outside and stop hiding. I realized that it had been months since my niece Zoie and I have had a proper girl’s day out and that Saturday would be the perfect day to do catch up. We started with lunch at Chili’s where we giggled, ate too many sugar packets and fell in love with the southwest eggrolls. We then went to a local bowling alley for some friendly competition and more laughter. I honestly cherish these days I get to spend with Zoie. It’s terrifying how quickly they grow up-I feel like it was just yesterday I was holding her in my arms rocking her to sleep. Where does the time go? 

Even though I ventured out I still kept the dark colors but with a few pops of mint green. I really need to put the black clothes away for a while and brighten things up with my closet of colors. Do you find yourself constantly wearing dark colors in the winter?



  1. nice. xx

    p.s. I'm having a giveaway from the leather satchel co. if you'd like to check it out. :)


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