Free the People

"Acknowledging and accepting whatever you may have 
to let go of comes easier when you love yourself."

Joe's Jeans-Honey Boot cut (Simliar); Target tanks; Free People blazer; Jewelmint Web lace ring;
 Sam Edelman Loni Suede High Heel Booties (HERE); Vintage necklace; 
La Mer Collections cuff watch (on sale HERE); bag c/o The Leather Satchel Co.;
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Like every other person I am in debt. It makes me sick, utterly sick that I let it get this bad. My future dreams of taking trips to FABB conferences, NYFW and beach vacations are permanently put on hold until I get this debt paid down. I have stopped my frivolous shopping and started to really think about what I’m buying and if I truly need it before clicking buy and pulling out the plastic. This has also made me go thru my wardrobe looking for little gems I no longer wear to sell (HERE) or pieces I can revive and wear again. Hence this gorgeous wool blazer from Free People I bought over a year ago and only wore once. I cannot believe I spent money on something and only wore it once!! This makes me nauseous. So here it goes, I’m giving this “get out of debt” an honest try and with the help of my dad and a budget we’re putting together I’m going to really, honestly try to stick to it. Maybe I should create a blog like Karyn Bosnak did years ago and ask everyone to donate $1 to me. If over 10,000 people donate $1 I’d be well on my way to paying my debt off. I’ll ponder that for a while-I’d feel like I was a bum sitting on the street with a plastic cup and cardboard sign saying “I shopped too much, won’t you help me get out of debt please”. I’m not sure if I’d feel good about that. Thoughts?

And family if you are reading this, please do not give me a lecture or harass me about my debt. I will glare at you, roll my eyes, and not listen to a word you have to say. I know what I did and I feel bad enough without your two cents. Love you!



  1. Haha - I can totally relate...except I have a husband who send me a spreadsheet at the end of every month showing how much I spent on clothes & shoes (cue the eye roll). I hope you are still planning to come to FABB with me in April, though - my aunt is so excited to have us! :)

  2. We can all relate. You're not alone, my friend! :)

    P.S. Love you blazer....and all things Free People, really.

  3. I'm definitely headed over to the giveaway...That satchel rocks!


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