The Love Key

A few weeks ago I was introduced to a jewelry line called Love is the Key. I instantly fell in love. (no pun intended) Not only are their designs chic and fun but the message they have behind their product is not something you typically find these days.

From their website here is their story:
Our Story: Love is the Key® started in 1994 with a simple idea: that Love is the Key® would open all the doors in life. This idea inspired designer Andy Cain to create the first Love is the Key® pendant so that we could all be reminded of this powerful message as we wear it every day. Whether that love is family, friends, faith, life, happiness, or success, the Love is the Key® jewelry is designed to empower, support, and guide us to a loving approach to "put a little love in everything that you do."
Love is the Key-the key to life, the key to happiness, the key to family and friends. But I think that most of all Love is the Key to loving and truly being yourself. If you can’t love yourself how can you love others? Love is the Key sent me a care package with a 3” pendant which I’ve styled and will talk about more in future posts, but for now I want you to ponder one thing… 
Do you truly love yourself?
Do you not love the Love is the Key pendant? I think the design is so unique and their box is too adorable! 

I want to thank Love is the Key for offering a discount code to my readers! Take a look around Love is the Key site (HERE) then use the code ‘BEIJOS25’ to receive 25% off your order. Also follow them on twitter for inspiration and the latest news at @theloveisthekey (or click HERE).


  1. Super cute! The message is great! I'm in love with the 1.5 inch key in yellow gold! Loves!


  2. SO cute - my daughter would love this necklace and that box is adorable! Thanks for sharing!! :)

  3. Wow! They are so sweet. Be a great wedding gift from the groom to a bride or for a 21st bday!

  4. Thank you so much Tiffany for this lovely post! It makes us so happy to know that you find LOVE in our jewelry--that's exactly what we want it to do! Let's all go spread the LOVE this week!


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