A Mermaid's Dream

There is one collection that I have seen this year that has just stayed with me and inspired me. That collection is Elie Saab’s Spring 2012 Couture collection. (See on Style.com HERE) The gowns are exquisite with intricate details and a rainbow of gorgeous pastel colors. I’m telling you right now that thanks to this collection pastels are going to be HUGE this spring.
When I saw this new Deborah Lippmann color “Mermaid’s Dream” it instantly reminded me of Elie Saab’s collection and I knew I had to have it. As soon as it arrived I quickly painted my nails and instantly feel in love! The aqua color with royal blue flecks of glitter is not only bright but it instantly makes you feel happy and gives you hope that spring is only a few minutes away. It is such a notice me color. The only downside is that it’s full glitter which is a complete pain to remove. 
Does anyone have a good trick or product that easily removes glitter from nails? What do you think about Deborah Lippmann’s Mermaid’s Dream?

You can find it online HERE and HERE.

Deborah Lippmann did not sponsor this post. I bought this polish on my own.


  1. Gorgeous!! I featured that polish in a shopping post of mine & was wondering how it would look on...now I want it! :)


    1. I missed that post :( I love this polish! I think it's going to be a permanent fixture on my nails for a while.

  2. love the color. i've been wanting to buy a lippmann polish for a long time but i can't decide on a color

    tips for removing glitter:
    use felt instead of cotton when removing
    get cotton pads soaked in acetone and put one on each finger, then wrap each finger with aluminum foil. remove after about 10 mintues and it will slide right off

    1. Thanks for the tip! I'll have to try the felt trick.

      As for which Lippmann color- I love the funky ones like Don't Tell Mama, Wicked Game, Bad Romance, Mermaid's Dream. I think that if your going to spend a little extra money on polish get a fun/funky one-almost like you're treating your nails. The other more normal colors you can usually find a close match at a cheaper price. (Essie, OPI, Sally Hansen)

    2. I use the foil method for glitters. It usually only takes a few minutes, though some of the chunkier ones like OPI Excuse Moi can be a bit longer. It really works!

  3. Beautiful! You can also paint your nails with a light color or a top coat over the glitter and remove it when it's still wet. That will loosen the glitter!

  4. I adore Elie Saab <3 wanted to wear one of his gorgeous dresses on my wedding day, but they're not available in my country and it was too expensive for me to order one from some other country.. I was so sad :(

    Love this polish, it's really great, just as these dresses. great inspiration :)


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