Court Show

I've done it. I've cut up every credit card I own in hopes to dwindle my debt down. This sadly means goodbye to my frivolous shopping and shoe purchases. It also means smarter and only necessary purchases. Sadly these $130 yellow Zara Court Show with Metal Caps shoes (see HERE) aren't a necessary purchase. But they are damn pretty to look at though, right! Isn't this buttercup yellow the perfect color for Spring? And that metal cap on toe and the metal stiletto are just so tantalizing! Oh how my knees are weak for these heels.

Erika from posted these on her twitter feed the other day and said they are super comfortable and run 1/2 size too small if you decide to purchase. Which means if you find yourself buy an extra 7 1/2 you are more than welcome to send them my way :)

Do you LOVE or HATE these heels?
Hope you're having a shoetastic weekend!


  1. I love these too, but they aren't within my budget right now either...we can dream though! :)

  2. I'm obsessed with the Zara metal cap shoes right now! Going to have to save my pennies to buy some!


  3. OMG I want these so bad. They're too darn expensive for my shopping (lack) budget haha.

  4. I LOVE them!! The cut of the heel is so fun..and I love the metallic toe :)

    Natasha ~


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