Shamrock Cookies

Happy Food Friday! This week I bring you a St. Patrick themed Food Friday. Since St. Patrick’s Day is tomorrow I couldn’t help but make a few green things like these cute shamrock cookies. I stumbled upon the shamrock shaped cookie cutter the other day when my momma and I were shopping and knew I had to snatch it up. I then found this new product called Color Mist by Wilton (buy HERE)-it’s food coloring in a spray can! How genius! 
I used a simple sugar cookie bag mix (didn’t have time for homemade cookies this week) and made sure they were completely cooled before decorating. The Color Mist (HERE) is very simple to use just make sure you protect the area you are spraying on. I covered the table in newspaper and then laid wax paper on top of that. Then all you simply have to do is spray your cookies till they are the color you want. I even got silly and put a few bottle caps on the one cookie then sprayed it to make it look like it had spots.
I also decorated half of the cookies with royal icing. You know the icing they put on Eat n’ Park cookies that gets hard but tastes super yummy. I used a meringue based icing that I found on Cupcakes and Cashmere instead of the raw egg whites for health/safety reason. Won’t lie but the thought of eating raw eggs kind of freaks me out.

Royal Icing: (print HERE)
In a bowl of an electric mixer combine:
4 cups sifted powdered sugar
3 TB meringue powder
10 TB of warm water (one tablespoon at a time till icing is desired consistency)

Beat for 8 minutes on low speed

Most people swear by making one stiff icing to outline the shape of the cookie and then filling it in (also known as “flooding”) with a thinner frosting (made by adding a little water).  I made my icing to stiff this time which made “flooding” the rest of the cookie quite difficult. I ended up squirting the icing on and then spreading with a knife. I think next time after mixing the icing I’ll put half in a bag for the outline and then add more water to the rest of it to “flood” the cookies.
I also dyed my icing green with food coloring. Gel food coloring will give a bright color but for this batch I used the regular McCormick food coloring. You can also add sprinkles/edible pearls/sanding sugar to the frosting before it sets. This is a fun project to have your kids help you with.

Get creative, get baking and have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!


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