Clutch It

Bright, Oversized, Pastel, Etched, Bejeweled, Hardware, Floral. It doesn't matter what size it is or what's on it, one thing that does matter is that it's a clutch, which is a huge trend right now. I've had my eye on a few at different sites but the one site that always seems to have a great variety is These have to be my top 6. The laser cut design on the pink clutch is so eye catching and the bejeweled clutch would be perfect for a night out.
Top to Bottom-Left to Right:
How do you feel about the clutch trend? Have a favorite?


  1. I saw some cute clutches in Target, but it seems like I always carry so many things I would never actually be able to sport a casual look just walking around with a sleek, half empty clutch in my hand. I need a bag I can carry on my shoulder.


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