Cucumber Salad

Every Spring when the garden has been turned over and ready for crops to be planted the first thing we always plant are a few cucumber plants. I can remember growing up how we always had Cucumber Salad (recipe HERE) in the fridge during the summer months made with fresh garden cucumbers. They're sweet but still a little sour and just so refreshing to snack on during a hot summer day. 
I've typed the recipe up (HERE) as best as I could, but being my Grandmother's recipe a lot of it is "add till tastes good" type ingredients. Cucumber Salad is all about trial and error. When you have the right proportions for your taste buds you'll know it! One thing I must note is that this salad MUST be made and stored in a glass bowl. For some reason when ever we use plastic it tastes weird and disgusting. Alright, I am so ready for the garden to be growing now!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


  1. Wow, this looks so similar to a side-dish that my favorite cafe serves with sandwiches! Going to have to try this out this weekend!


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