Black Bean and Corn Salsa

My brother and his family are coming to visit this weekend and the one thing we always end up doing when he is home is hanging out in the kitchen drinking a few beers and munching on chips and dips. I love ranch dressing (hello I eat it on pizza!) and when I found this recipe (HERE) a while ago I knew I had to save it for his next visit. This dip was very easy to make-open, drain, mix, chill, eat. Simple right?
(like my niece's boyfriend lettered fingernails? She's too cute!)
I do have to tell you that the photo on the recipe site (HERE) looks NOTHING like the actual dip. I noticed on a couple of their other recipes that things were off so feel free to experiment with this recipe. The dip ended up being really soupy so I think next time I would drain the tomatoes before mixing. You might notice that there is no fresh cilantro in the dip, I accidentally forgot to pick it up at the store so I added dried instead which tastes just as good. Besides the dip being soupy it's tastes amazing. We were taste testing it earlier tonight and everyone (except my dad who hates tomatoes) loved it! I think with a beer it's going to hit the spot this weekend!

Happy Weekend!


  1. OMG, yum this looks so delicious and you take great photos! I love how healthy it looks and I'm sure your brother loved it too. You have a great blog, following you now & congrats on getting to go to the Lucky Fabb event



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