Hefeweizen Cupcake

When I was thinking about what type of cupcake to make for my sister’s birthday my mind instantly went to beer. I know, not something you think of when thinking of sweets, but you see my sister loves to home brew and I knew she would get a kick out of a beer flavored cupcake. I knew I didn’t want the traditional heavy stout type cupcakes I’ve seen in the past so I set out and searched and finally stumbled upon this recipe from The Cupcake Project. (Hefeweizen Cupcake) Hefeweizen is known to be a lighter beer with undertones of lemon or orange which I thought would make a perfect spring cupcake.  (print recipe HERE)
I did make a few variations to the original recipe so I typed up my own and you can view/print it HERE (recipe).  You might be wondering what Malt Milk powder is- well I don’t really know but I can tell you where to find it! Look in the aisle where Ovaltine would be. I found mine right beside Ovaltine and the International Cafe powder mixes. One last thing, the original recipe did not have lemon in the glaze; however, it had a thick malt taste so I added 1/2 lemon to lighten it up. I’m sure it would taste fine without the lemon as well. My friend Mel and I then made homemade fondant and created fun little hops to top each cupcake. I think they turned out great! I’ll post the recipe soon for the fondant-it’s super easy and a lot cheaper than buying in already made. Just make sure to stick a toothpick in your hop so it doesn’t roll off the cupcake.

So now, not only can you drink you beer but you can eat it too!

I’ll be back next week with lots of photos from the Lucky FABB West conference!
Happy Weekend!


  1. Looks great! What did your sister think? (Sorry my first comment came under my work blog name so I deleted it!)

    1. My sister actually loved the cupcakes and the hops! She couldn't believe we made the hops!


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