Little Peak

Just a little peak at what I was up to this past week on instagram (follow me @beijosTiffany)

Left to right, top to bottom:
1) view outside my office window
2) Hologram nails by Layla in Ultra Violet (purchase HERE)
3) Yogi detox tea bag wisdom
4) In love with my new Ariel Gordon knot ring (buy HERE)
5) preview of my summer spot
6) Can't live without my daily dose of coconut water
7) Attempting to make flowers out of fondant
8) The start to a delicious dessert for Mother's Day.
9) Two clearance finds at the flower store
10) Preparing for a day at Pints for Pets brew fest where I poured for Troegs.
11) Couldn't decide which new Zoya Surf Collection color to use- so I used 3!
12) The first pour of the day

Happy Hump Day!


  1. Love these types of posts - and I bought that same ring (in gold) for my mom for Mother's Day...she cried like a baby when she opened it! :)

    1. Thanks! That's so sweet- I'm so glad she loved it! I imagined she would love it since you said she lost one like it years ago. Did it fit her alright?

  2. You got orchids!!! I've been looking all over for the perfect one to get.

    1. Lowe's clearance aisle-I was surprised they were there! I got a $20 orchid for $7!


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