PVC - Sergio Rossi

I'm not the biggest fan of PVC shoes. Prada did some clear PVC sandals last summer that were gorgeous to look at, but just weren't my thing. However, with colors like these Sergio Rossi Tri Colored PVC sandals I just might start to become a lover of PVC heels! I was browsing the other day when instantly my eyes when straight to these shoes! How can  you not be noticed when you have these gorgeous, bright, color block/faded heels on? Blue/Green/Yellow or Orange/Red/Yellow- the color combinations are perfect! With a price tag of $795 I'll continue to admire from a distance. Why do I always have to fall for shoes I can't afford?!

Want these? You can find these heels at the following places:
Neiman Marcus - Orange or Blue
Zappos - Blue
Sergio Rossi - Orange

Do you LOVE or HATE these heels?
Hope you're having a shoetastic weekend!


  1. I love the heels of the shoe but for $795 is way out of my budget. I'll be admiring from a distance like you.

    xo erica


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