I know these Elizabeth and James Sly Platform sandals are a little basic but there is just something about them that I absolutely love. The three colors (black, red, purple) Sly comes in are gorgeous, the heel reaches to another level, and that arch is perfect. I could see myself wearing Sly with dresses, jeans, even shorts! They have this touch of glamour and class but also a feel of ease and comfort as well. I would love to add these to my summer wardrobe but with a price tag of $325 and my empty pockets I will continue to crush from afar. 

You can find these heels at the follow places:
Shopbop (HERE) -all three colors
Zappos (HERE) -only black and red
Nordstrom (HERE) -only black
Endless (HERE) -only black and red

Do you LOVE or HATE these heels?
Hope you're having a shoetastic weekend!


  1. I'm a huge fan of E&J shoes. Believe it or not, I've actually seen these at T.J.Maxx! I almost bought them, but they were a burnt orange color so I passed. Regardless, they're super cute, love em!


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