Chocolate Caramel Crack(ers)

Ever have a coworker bring something into work to share and you tried it only out of kindness but then went back for 2nds…then 3rds…then 4ths till you realized you ate the last piece? Well these Chocolate Caramel Crackers will make you do just that. I stumbled upon this recipe a few months ago at Smitten Kitchen and was drooling. My sister saw the picture and highly suggested that I make it to try. The tray of crackers was gone in a few short days. I’ve had this recipe in my pile to share with you and kept forgetting to do so. I apologize, but I think once you try these crackers you’ll forgive me. I know some of you read my recipes; say you’d love to try them, and then might never do so. For those people I wish I could mail you each one cracker to try because I know you’d be addicted!
Oh and to make these Chocolate Caramel Crackers even better, like every recipe on my blog, they’re super easy to make! Now I know you can find this recipe on numerous sites, but it just is too addicting and delicious to not share with you here. You can print the recipe HERE. I do want to make two notes-
1. Be careful when you pull the tray out of the oven. I did this too quickly once and my crackers all shifted which made smoothing the chocolate out impossible.
2. Jimmys- yes the colored candies typically put on top of ice cream sundaes. After these crackers cooled I got the idea that I should put jimmys on them. Trying that next time.

Enjoy and I hope you have a Happy Weekend!


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  2. I saw these on Pinterest and cannot wait to try them - thanks for sharing the recipe!! :)

  3. I've already saved the recipe, this looks so good and seems so easy to make. thanks for sharing!

    xo erica

  4. You must have not known I was on a diet or you never would have posted this, right? RIGHT? Lol.



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