Defects are Necessary

"Certain defects are necessary
for the existence of individuality."
Be Bop Lace Dress & DV Dolce Vita Archer Sandals (onsale HERE) from TJ Maxx; Aldo Doria clutch (onsale HERE);
Asos Multi Row Ditsy Cross necklace (on sale for $7.46 HERE) and Fluro Belt (similar HERE);
I wasn't going to post these pictures because most of them didn't turn out. I had my camera set to the wrong setting and 90% of them were blurry like the last photo. But I'm posting them because I want to ask your opinion about my shoes. These flats I'm wearing are the DV Dolce Vita Archer flats that almost all bloggers own by now in a variety of colors. I stumbled upon these shoes at my local TJ Maxx and was shocked. Doesn't TJ Maxx claim that they do not see defected merchandise? There is something definitely different from THESE Archer flats and the ones I bought. I almost didn't buy them because of the defect but I actually like how the mistake changes the look of the shoe and gives it a new vibe. It also helped that I snagged these for almost 80% off retail. So my question to you, if you would have saw these sandals and knew they were defected, would you still have purchased them?

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  1. If I really wanted them, I would get them regardless of the defect or not. But they are really cute, so I prob would of! ;)

    x carlina

  2. Hey Tiffany! Guess what? The ones you bought are actually DV's Caspian sandals (which look crazy similar to the Archers!):

    I just wore these in this week's outfit post. Good minds think alike!

    1. Soo, upon further investigation, it looks like you might actually have a morphed pair of the Caspian and Archer! So odd! Maybe something went wrong in production? :)

  3. I think they are cute - I like that the gold detail is slightly different! :) Great color combo with the blue & pink!!


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