past weeks gram
Parts of my life you might not see on the blog you can usually find on Instagram (follow @beijosTiffany). Here's a glimpse of the past few weeks.
Left to right, top to bottom:
1) Passing trains as my sister and I took photos
2) My Constant Go To sweater that I'm in love with (see post HERE)
3) Yummy beer my brother brought for us to sample
4) Layered Crosses (see post HERE)
5) Stylish Star
6) my weekends consist of pool time
7) No morning is complete without slow cooked oatmeal and fresh berries
8) Tacori earring I can't stop wearing (see post HERE)
9) Loving these imPRESS nails (see post HERE)
10) New bows
11) It's all about fresh fruit
12) Just a lil bee tending to fresh lavender

Hope you're having a Happy Week!!


  1. Love all these little snapshots - it's like a sneak peek into your daily life! :)

  2. Nice pics and by the way I like a lot fresh fruit! hahaha



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