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I've been wanting to do this post for a while now and apologize for how long it's taken for it to happen. Back in April at the LuckyFABB conference I had my freshly polished nails chip at the events the day before. I knew I wouldn't have time to repaint them that night so I made a quick dash to the local CVS and bought Broadway "imPRESS" nails. Within 10 minutes I had a freshly polished looking manicure that received tons of compliments! (See photo HERE) These imPRESS nails are seriously one of my favorites. They are super quick to put on and have lasted me 7+days of wear without a chip or crack. And let me tell you- I am hard with my nails! I think the steps I do to put them on helps them last so long.
  1. Start with clean, dry nails and gently push the cuticles back. I always do one last wipe with nail polish remover before starting.
  2. Go through each nail and align the clear plastic tab against cuticle to select the size that fits the closest. 
  3. Lay your nails out in order so there is no confusion later.
  4. Take the prep pad and wipe each nail with it.
  5. Peel the covering off the back of the nail, carefully line nail up smack against your cuticle and push down for 10 seconds. Start with your pinkie and work inward. Save the thumbs for last! It is important that I get these as close to my cuticle as possible. This is what makes them look so natural.
  6. & 7. These steps are optional. I don't like super long nails so I take sharp nail clippers and snip a little off the end of each till they are the length I want. I then take a nail file to smooth and even out the shape.

That's it! You're done and you have a manicure that is definitely impressive! My boss even commented on my nails the other day! When a man notices your nails you know their impressive nails!

You might be wondering about removal. Simple and safe to my nails.
  1. I dip each nail in a bowl or cup with nail polish remover in it for a few seconds. (Acetone or Non Acetone works) I then let the polish soak in for a few seconds. 
  2. I start at my cuticle and gently lift the fake nail up to loosen it more with an orange stick or my own nail.
  3. I repeat steps 1 & 2 a few more times to loosen the nail as much as possible. You'll be able to see and feel when the nail is just about lifted and then it simply falls off and my nail is fine.
I've had the gel nails a few times before and when I removed those they left my nails completely ruined. The imPRESS nails do not and that is what I like so much about them. The color stay vibrant, the nails stay intact, and the removal is harmless! Also- the nails come in the most fun patterns and bright colors. I'm thinking of mixing and matching some for my next manicure.

Are you imPRESSed with my manicure? Think you'll give them a try??

Disclaimer: This is a review based on my opinion only. Your opinion may differ. I was not compensated in any way for this post and received the above nails for my honest opinion. All opinions are my own.



  1. these are so GORGEOUS!!! i would definitely give them a try!


    Fashion Fractions

  2. Can you believe I still haven't tried these yet? They are high on my list since all my polish seems to be chipping so easily these days. :(

  3. I always wanted to try the press on nails. Do they last?

    1. They do last! I put these nails on Tuesday night and I still have them on right now- 7 days and they're still on tight!


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