Summer Shorts

Short shorts, long shorts, booty shorts, board shorts, flutter shorts, wrap shorts. It doesn’t matter what type of shorts you like but one thing is for certain, once the temperature climbs and the sun is shining everyone is wearing shorts. I’m not one for the super shorts, long shorts, or anything wild. I tend to stay with the classic cut shorts in chino or jeans that are usually 3 ½- 5 inches (inseam). Lately thought I’ve been wanting/needing to update my summer shorts look so I’ve picked 8 shorts I’m currently lusting over-all under $50! From bright colors to prints I’m in love with all of these shorts, my problem now is trying to decide which pair to get.

Top to Bottom/Left to Right
Banana Republic Sateen Shorts (also in blue)- $49.50
Mango Lika Shorts (also in yellow or blue) - $29.99
Gap Neon Boyfriend Shorts (also in pink or coral) - $39.95
Urban Outfitters Staring at Stars flutter Shorts - $39
Gap Neon Flat Front Shorts (also in pink or orange) - $39.95
J. Crew 4" Chino Shorts (comes in 9 other colors) - $45
Old Navy Printed Shorts - $15
Target Merona Chino Shorts (comes in 5 other colors) - $12

Will you be going bright and bold with your shorts this summer?


  1. I have the jcrew chino shorts and love them - neon pink is my fav. I love the neon old navy ones you have above! I'll have to go to old navy to search for them.

    Red Soles and Red Wine

  2. I keep trying on shorts hoping I'll find some that look good on me, but have yet to be successful. Maybe if I had your sculpted legs, they would work?! :)

    1. key to wearing shorts is that I sometimes buy them a size larger just so they're not so tight on my legs. I prefer them to hang a little loose anyways that way I don't feel like a stuffed sausage in jeans :)

  3. Great picks. So in love with neon right now.


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